ZTW brushless ESC
ZTW brushless ESC
ZTW Spider PRO 60A HV

Product Model   Spider PRO 60A HV
Model Number   5060421
Form Brush / Brushless Brushless
  HV / Normal HV
Hardware Parameters Continuous Current (A) 60A
  Burst Current(A) 80A
  Battery Cell (NiXX/Lipo) 18-38NC/6-12Lipo
  BEC Output /
Dimensions Width 33.4mm
  Length 60mm
  Height 18.7mm
  Weight 86g
Wire & Plug Power Wire 12#AWG,360mm-Red/360mm-Black
  Motor Wire 14#AWG,980mm-Black
  Signal Wire (Black-White stranded wire) 30C,add a common JR male connector at the end of 420mm wire
  Power Plug (Yes/No) no
Parameter programming Transmitter no
  Jumper programming card   
  LCD programming card  
  WiFi programming card  
  USB adapter  
Firmware Upgrade Firmware online (Yes/No)  

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